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Welcome to the Trophy Bass 2 page.  I am into fishing as you can tell, both online

Trophy Rivers is Funand in the real world . I will have some links down below for your enjoyment of this sport online.  I am a member in most of the clubs, but not all.  I do all my online fishing through TB2 at the WON® network.  If you would like to check some of the clubs go to 

If your club is not listed here please have the club President email the information and gifs.
If you have TB2 (Trophy Bass 2®) please feel free to register at any or all of the clubs, or if you want to go directly to the club home pages just click on the image below............  Come on out and fish with the BassBandit (now a Red Shirt), Hawgmaster, GoinFishin, Sunspin, CodBuster and of course iceman2 (unless I'm hiding then its Þicehouse) plus all the rest. There are other clubs on TB2,  the other clubs are Crankin Kens, Bassmasters, Lakeside and Rip n Lips.  AOA is going through a change of ownership so we will have to wait and see what happens. All of the clubs are all a little bit different, either in their personality or their politics.  So go and find the one/s that suit you. Be sure to check out the newest of the Trophy series, Trophy Buck, see the links below.
These are the games I play online for fishing. Trophy Bass 2 and Northern Lakes add on are now a combined game.  Pick em up and come on out and fish with us.
Don't know where to get em, try this link .


Download the Demo for Trophy Bass 3D

Games are by Sierra®


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