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Welcome to my Pets supply shopping area. Pick from some of the Tropical Fish Supplies below or click through to the site for more.

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Aqua Clear Power Head 402

 "For under gravel filters, Power head 402 features a Venturi aerating system. Pumps up to 270 gallons per hour. Features unique forward/reverse control."

Emperor 280 Power Filter

 "Powerful two-pump, multistage filtration system in a compact size. Uses easy to maintain filter cartridges. Power Filter helps keep your aquarium water fit for the healthiest fish and the cleanest aquarium you could ask for."

Automatic Aquarium Heater, 125 W"

 Waterproof heater for fresh and saltwater. Patented design with low water level protection. 6 foot power cord.

Automatic Aquarium Heater, 150 W"

 Waterproof heater for fresh and saltwater. Patented design with low water level protection. 6 foot power cord.

Amquel Water Detoxifier

 "Removes ammonia, chlorine and chloramines. Use when you change water, or set up a new aquarium. Use also when fish come under stress. Ideal for use when a new aquarium is being set up, and for frequent water changed meant to keep your water in good shape for your fish."

Trans Clear Fresh Water Clarifier

 Suspends organic matter and inorganic matter. Assists in activating mechanical filters and primes biological filter beds.Contents treats up to 240 gallons.

SeaTest Hydrometer Expert Range

 "Tests salinity and gravity of aquarium water. Improper levels can cause harm to your valuable fish if left unchecked. Durable clear acrylic, easy to read and use."


 "Tests saltwater aquariums for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and pH."

Wardley® Krill

 "Need food for large tropical and marine fish? This 100 percent natural food is freeze-dried to preserve essential proteins, amino acids, aquatic fats, vitamins and minerals. It conditions your fish and enhances their color."

Coralife Invertebrate Smorgasbord

 A gourmet feast for corals and anemones.

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