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Well you finally hit pay dirt.  This is the page that tells about me, and for those that have been wondering what I look like you'll finally get to see me. Click on image ......

There ya go.
Now for some history

     I was born and raised in Chicago, at 18 I went into the USMC and served 8 years 4 months and 14 days.  During that time I spent some time in Vietnam, Japan, Denver, Norfolk and of course California. From 1968 to 1992 I considered California my home. During my time in California I worked as a manager of a tropical fish store, an asst. manager of a restaurant, an asst. manager af a miniature golf and arcade, a manager of a pest control company, a salesman, an inspector and a clerk in a bait shop.  I sure you can see not any of my jobs really required manual labor.  And as you know I am currently in Las Vegas, Nevada dealing blackjack and roulette.  I am (was) an avid fisherman, if it swam I tried to hook it. I love Deep Sea Fishing the most, especially tuna, but will and do fish for anything under the sun ( sorry sunspin).  I love photography and did do it professionally for a while. And most of all I love my wife.

This is where I work
Closed October 31, 1999

And this is my watch dog err cat

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