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Howdy all and welcome to my home in Las Vegas. This is where I live, work and Play.  I'm sure a few of you have been here and had a lot of fun.  Of course there are probably some more of you that left Las Vegas mad, disgusted and broke.  For those of you who won, congratulations, for those of you who lost, thank you for paying my wage.  Now lets get rid of a myth, dealers do not make huge salaries, we are minimum wage employees and depend heavily on tips. It is funny how people will give a 10-15% tip for a meal they pay for, tip for a free drink but never tip the dealer that's giving them money.  If your winning or having fun, TIP the dealer. If your not sure how, ask them they will let you know how. By the way, that's what I do I'm a dealer of blackjack and roulette. 
     With almost 300 days a year of sunshine and an average rainfall of less than 5 inches a year, Las Vegas is truly a paradise. 
     The Strip shines with it's new brand of theme hotels, beautiful showgirls, magnificent stage shows, and the conventions that call Las Vegas home arrive almost every weekend.  To those of us who call Las Vegas home, the resources for our activities are almost endless.  From water skiing to fishing to snow skiing to prospecting for gold,  we have it all within an hours drive in any direction. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the links I have provided. 
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Las Vegas Circus Circus Hotel, Casino, and Theme Park

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Closed October 31, 1999 is the Silver City Casino.
I am now over at the Slots A Fun Casino.

     Here is a little basic info on comps.
Comps are given by the amount of play per hour, some Casinos are more liberal then others. As an example, Downtown seems to be much more liberal then most casinos, but not always the case.

Dealers-Can't give comps. (But he/she may report to the floorman, so be nice and be generous.)

Floorman-Oversees from 4-8 tables.  Can comp buffets and coffee shop for two. More importantly, fills out rating slip.

Pit Boss-Oversees the entire pit and can comp all the above + rooms and better restaurants.

Shift Boss- Usually oversees all the tables and sometimes the machines. Can comp all the above + airfare, credit, "walking money", and beverage + more.

VIP Host/Hostess-Same as Shift Boss.

Remember, Gambling involves risk, Do Not gamble more then
you can afford.


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