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For $54.95 you get:

• 1 week of food 
• Weekly counseling 
• Online classes 
• Member newsletter 
• Bulletin boards 
• Chat rooms

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Linda lost weight and you can, too!

It's a new day. It's your right to be fit and healthy. And it's well within your reach.

Thousands of people just like you have gained strength and confidence through the Nutri/System weight loss program because it works. Find out for yourself.

You want to be healthy.
You want to be strong.
You want to be beautiful.
You can be all that.

Start with 10 pounds. 
Give us 4 weeks, and we'll get you there.

How much weight do you want to lose?

15-30 lbs.

30-40 lbs.

More than 40 lbs.

I don't know

The Nutri/System Program – Lose 1 - 2½ pounds a week
  1. Our program is based on portion-controlled entrees, snacks and desserts. It uses real food, so as you're losing weight, you're learning how to eat for the rest of your life.

  3. There's an entire community of people giving support and encouragement. You can go online and join chats and seminars, and you can tap into our huge resource of health, exercise, and dieting information.

  5. You'll get your own personal counselor who will work with you to keep you losing. You won't ever be left wondering what you should do now.

  7. We ship right to your home. You just order your food, open the box when it arrives, review the meal plan, and you're ready.

  9. All our entrees are easy to prepare. If you've got a hectic life (i.e. kids) you'll love how easy Nutri/System is.